One of the many novel patented industry "firsts" of ClickMovie was the ability of the technology to use Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Mesh Network broadcasting, just like BitChute, and others, do today. This was long before Napster or Bittorrent even existed! This allowed ClickMovie to reach the same number of viewers as Comcast, CBS, NBC and ABC, COMBINED, with an infrastructure cost that was 80 times lower.






Before Youtube, Hulu, Netflix Streaming, Prime Video, Vudu and all the rest even existed...there was CLICKMOVIE!


Scott Douglas Redmond's team created the internet video-on-demand company that existed years before YouTube, Vudu, Hulu, Bittorent, Napster, Netflix Streaming, Sony Vue (and all known dominant web-VOD players) even existed. Its patents pre-date the formation of YouTube by many years. A half hour broadcast television show on the TV series Silicon Valley Business Report and the vast number of articles, Consumer Electronic Show (CES) presentations and letters documents CLICKMOVIE as the 'first-ever' Youtube/Netflix-type company. It was the world's first public full-screen video store, online media channel and self-media distribution outlet. It is fair to say that The team's idea of delivering all media over the internet has been verified as a workable idea by every company that touches the internet including Akamai, Netflix, Bittorrent, Vudu, Hulu, and tens of thousands of others. As hundreds of documents prove, Sony Pictures engaged in extensive contracts, public announcements, meetings, deployments, letters, emails, airplane flights, board and corporate meetings with The team (even mentioning The team by name, as their source of inspiration, in Sony's Federal patent filings, which were sold to Dish Network by Sony) to have its first internet video-on-demand hardware and software developed by The team. "Clickmovie" and the movie trailer site "Trailer Park" and dozens of App's produced by The team were the first of their kind in the market.

ClickMovie, and it's technology, has been often copied but will always hold it's place in history as: FIRST-TO-MARKET!